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Pokemon Red and Blue Gym Leaders

Pokemon Red and Blue Gym Leaders and Strategies

Gym 1: Brock

Type: Rock

City: Pewter City

So, This gym will be pretty hard if you chose Charmander as your starter but if you chose Squirtle or Bulbasaur, it will be much easier. Both of Brock's pokemon take 400% damage from Water and Grass type moves which is double the power of a super effective move, so if you have chosen Bulbasaur, I would try and level it up to Level 18 and get it to learn seed bomb. Which should be a good choice against both pokemon. And if you chose Squirtle, try and level it up to Level 15 and let it learn water pulse so it can hit there on its much lower Sp. Defense stat. If you chose Charmander, well, bad luck, I don't believe there is any way to get super effective moves if you chose a Charmander.

Gym 2: Misty

Type: Water

City: Cerulean City

So, I would suggest for you to get a Pikachu for this gym from the Viridian Forest. Make Pikachu learn Spark at Level 20 and Electro Ball at Level 12 and should do a lot of damage against both of them. I suggest before you battle misty, level it up to level 25. Also, if you chose Bulbasaur, use it and level it up to 13 to get Vine Whip, and 7 to get Leech seed.


Level 12: Geodude

Level 14: Onix

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Level 18: Staryu

Level 21: Starmie

Gym 3: Lt. Surge

Type: Electric

City: Vermillion City

So, If you're playing Pokemon Blue, try and catch a Sandshrew. Although in Generation 1, Sandshrew doesn't know a proper ground type attack for a long time but it resists strong electric type moves and cannot be paralysed. If you're playing Pokemon Red, try and catch an Oddish on Route 5. Even though Oddish doesn't know any super-effective moves, electric is not very effective to it. It evolves into Gloom at level 21. Make sure you have taught it Sleep Powder and Giga Drain so you can start dealing damage whilst not much damage coming to yourself.


Level 21: Voltorb

Level 18: Pikachu

Level 24: Raichu

Gym 4: Erika

Type: Grass

City: Celadon City

So, for this gym, I would suggest catching a pidgey (it will be Pidgeotto by this time) and then I would level it up to Level 31 so it can learn wing attack which is a pretty solid move against ErIka's Pokemon.


Level 29: Victreebel

Level 24: Tangela

Level 29: Vileplume